Galatians 6:9

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.

Weary of the battle?

Weary of the scorn?

Weary of the cynical looks?

Weary of anger?

Weary of the thorns?

Weary of being marginalized?

Weary of being shunned?

Weary of being humiliated?

Weary of being in the midst of the battle?

Weary of kindness always being flipped around as being wrong?

Weary of the fiery darts of the devil from people all around?

Weary of the world always recognizing its own?

Weary of the storm?

Weary of blame?

Weary of  jealousy?

Soldier of the cross,

Follower of the Lamb

Child of the Most High God.


Hold on to the Savior King!

Look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith

Wait upon the King of Kings,

Dwell and inhabit His word,

Run to the throne room of the King of Kings

Whose greatest delight is You,

Child of the Most High God,

And He will give us His royal golden eagle wings

So that we can soar above it all,

So that we can renew our strength with His,

So that we can exchange our weakness

With His omnipotent strength,

So that His strength becomes our song

As we soar high above




And storms!


Hold on!

Soldier of the Cross,

Follower of the Lamb,

For weariness is a badge of  honor

To all those who are in genuine pursuit of





And love!


Hold on Soldier of the Cross,

Follower of the Lamb,

For when in pursuit of Christ

The enemy is in pursuit of you

To discourage,

To defeat,

To disallusion,

To destroy.


But is not the way up for the Soldier of the Cross

When down upon our knees in bold and fervent praise and prayer?

For is this not the victorious posture the enemy cannot bear?

Pray and worship

Soldier of the Cross,

Follower of the Lamb.

Hold on Soldier of the Cross,

Follower of the Lamb!

For victory is yours

Because of the blood of the Lamb.

For He alone takes away the sins of the world,

For He alone gives the gift of salvation and makes all things new.

For He alone in the midst of a battle, gives the weary wounded warrior

Wings like eagles,

And eyes of faith to see

This world is not our home!