Psalms 3:3

But thou, O LORD, [art] a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.

Is not
Our repentant,blessed
Descendant remorse in
Recognizing the pervasiveness
Of our transgressions and sins
Against a Holy and perfect God,
Our humble cry
For pardon from sin
Our inherent
And now recognized
And admitted need
For a personal relationship
With the Creator of the Universe
Who created us for a Blessed
Relationship with Him,
And need for a new
Heart,soul, mind
Is it not at this very
Holy, humble, blessed moment,
Of our need for Christ
That we receive salvation’s
Inestimable, miraculous
Gift of the New Birth,
And our royal robes of righteousness
That our Savior gives us,
His Holy position of grace,
And Calvary’s Christ given
Glorified, risen
Heavenly position
Of joint heir ascendancy
Becomes our shield
Of spiritual identity,
Lifts up our Head
And teaches us
That our royal
Position in Heaven
Far surpasses our
Earthly condition on earth!

From sin filled impoverishment
To immediate Christ given
Royal Robes of Righteousness,
Truly thou alone are our shield
And the Lifter up of our head!