2 Samuel 22: 31 (NIV)

As for God his way is perfect; The Lord’s word is flawless he shields all who take refuge in him.

Gods ways are so perfect
Like a shining sun.
His words are flawless,
Perfected diamonds
Bringing to the heart
A brilliance and beauty
That cannot be bought
With fleeting earthly wealth
Or with worldly accoutrements.

For it is only
Our majestic triune God
Who is our rock,
Our shield,
Our defense,
Our high tower,
Our strength,
Our eternal treasure,
Who conquers
And overcomes
Each and every fear.

For our sufficiency,
Our strength,
Our salvations song
Comes from His
Cries of anguish
His tears,
His cruel and vicious
Crown of thorns,
His nail pierced hands and feet
His cross of shame and suffering
Gives us,
As His children,
The Highest Honor of all
Being called His royal heirs
With the eternal legacy
That we will victoriously
And triumphantly overcome!