Psalms 96:6 (KJV)

Honor and majesty are before him: strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.

May we every moment of every day
There-bye, in the eternal realm,
Leaning the entirety of our being
Onto His ornate eternal wings of beauty,
Denying earthly strength and might,
Claiming and living in Christ’s
Eternal magnificence and light
That gives us
His irredescent eternal wings of beauty
And Heavenly power to soar
Over mountains, valleys, and dusty, desert floors,
Giving us His joy,
His strength,
And His power
To praise, worship, sing
And proclaim the greatness
Of our glorious God
Savior and King of Kings
The one and only true eternal power
Of Heaven and earth,
Jesus Christ,
The divine,
Inexhaustible strengthener
And Creator of Beauty
In the truly redeemed.