Psalms 28:7

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth and with my song I will praise him.

When all around is a darkened night
But in the soul is blessed, Jesus Christ,
Resplendent World of light,
Strengthening your heart,
Whispering to you Words of spirit and life,
Encouraging you to give offerings of praise
In the midst of tears, trials & testings in a desert place,
Showing you all the earthly and spiritual blessings
That abundantly abound
Teaching you that there is no worldly or earthly blessing
That can compare to the joy of knowing
Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior,
King of Glory who for us bore the cross,
Carrying all our sin and shame
And was unconscionably mocked and scorned
By being given an unfitting robe for the true King of Kings
And made to wear a cruel crown of thorns on His blessed brow.

Wether on a slippery, dungenous slope,
Climbing on an ever increasing precipice,
Walking through a den of thieves,
Maneuvering around and refusing to be conquered or consumed
By Thorns, fiery darts, and angry seas,
Whether in a holding,delayed, waiting stage,
Learning from the hand of God lessons
Otherwise not learned by comfort and ease
Still the Child of God can praise,
Still the Child of God can joyfully pray,
Still the Child of God can make the Word of God their
Joyful, internal script of strength ,praise and a refuge place,
Still the Child of God can pursue their
Redeemer-Friend with all their heart, mind, soul and strength
Still the Child of God can bless those that persecute them,
Still the Child of God can overcome evil with good,
Still the Child of God can fill their heart
With the living, emancipating Words of their
Living, loving, risen Savior.
Still the Child of God can be expectant that God will deliver them soon.
Still the Child of God can be emptied of self and filled with Christ.
Still the Child of God can refuse to complain
Knowing that out of our weakness we are made strong.
Still the Child of God can in all circumstances praise.
Still the Child of God can do good to those who seek their harm.
Still the Child of God can cry out to their Abba Father
Who will move heaven and earth
To rescue His Children in whom He delights
For as Sons and daughter of the King we are the apple of His eye,
His delights!
Truly this is indeed a blessed Child of God
Who cannot walk another step
Without walking in the strength of God alone!