I Timothy 1:14

And the grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant with faith and love which is in Christ Jesus.

When on the sharpened edge of sin,

Grace was lavishly given to cover all our sins

To set our feet upon Christ, the solid rock,

To lift us high to Christ, our source at Heaven’s throne,

To make us accepted and beloved children of the King,

To give us hope and heavenly dreams,

To rescue us from Satan’s unmerciful lies,

To make our earthly sighs into jubilant praise,

To give us comfort in the valley,

To give us blessing in the midst of the storms,

To give us songs of deliverance in the midst of the darkest of nights,

To give us the blessed jewel encrusted armor

So none of the enemies darts can defeat, wound, overthrow, or assail

Our victorious walk of praise.

To understand each day is a gift to share the love of Christ,

Each breath a blessing,

Every moment a redemptive opportunity

To lean into the heart of our Savior,

So we can lavishly overflow

With His love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace

All because of His cross,

All because of His love,

All because He first loved us

We can jubilantly, lavishly, joyously, mercifully, Victoriously

Love one another and bear each and every sorrow

For we walk in the never ending, abundant grace

Of our risen King of Kings!