Daniel 4:3 (KJV)

How great are his signs and how mighty are his wonders. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and his dominion is from generation to generation.

Have we as your children limited
The magnificence, glory, and wonder
Of our God in our lives by our narrow earthly view?

May we rehearse in
Our hearts,
Our minds,
Our souls,
And there-bye live it out boldly
And unashamedly in our lives,
The exquisite beauty,
The magnificent grandeur,
The incalculable power,
And the incomprehensible glory
Of our most Holy God.

Father may our view of thee
Be as wide and deep as the oceans,
As expansive as the Heavens,
Be inspired and accurate
Because we are ardent worshippers of thee alone
And impassioned students
Of thy inspired Holy, precious Word.

Father reignite the wonder of our faith
May we refute, deny, defeat the enemies fallacious lies,
May we, because of prayer, brokeness, and Christ given servanthood
Be ignited by thy Heavenly Holy fire.
May we never limit your Heavenly power in our lives
By our limited earthly view.

Father may you rain down gemstones
From Heaven into our lives!!