John 6:63b

The words that I speak they are spirit and they are life.

“And so my child,
Whose words do you think upon?
The earthly words of humanity or
The mighty life and spirit filled,
Divinely inspired, loving words of God
Whose ornate marble like pillars
Strengthen and beautify the life of the Child of God
Into a golden,enameled ensignia of the Kingdom to come
Embellished with the wisdom of God
Strengthened by the Word of God
Possessor of the Pearl of great price
A divinely created masterpiece
Progressively becoming
A humble servant like vessel of silver and gold
A citizen of the Household of faith in Heaven
Carrying in your heart the rubies of wisdom
I have given to you
So you can generously share with others.
For my word Royal heir of Jesus Christ endures forever.”

“And so my child,
Royal Heir,
Whose words do you choose to think upon?”