2 Timothy 2: 3 (KJV)

Thou therefore endure hardness as a good solider of Jesus Christ.


When the Shepherd hears the bleating, distressed cries and prayers

Of His most tender Lambs,

The Creator of lightning speed that splits the darkened sky

With a jagged diamond like light filled immensity

And with rumblings and cracklings of  thunderous sound

Tenderly whispers to His Royal, Earthly trembling Heirs,

“Child of Grace,

King or Queen of Jesus Christ

Even before you cry, pray, or are triumphant or despondent

In your earthly walk of faith,

I am always there walking by your side.

You are forever enveloped  within and without  by

The loving shouldering Shepherd of your souls

And millions of my angelic host.

You are my brilliant light filled gemstone rare

Forever wrapped in the comforting royal robes

And Heavenly embrace of my


Never ending,


Triumphant love and care.

I am continually and forever by your side and

Within your heart and mind is the indwelling three in one!!

Whether on a mountain or in a valley

I am always there to bring you through,

To strengthen you,

To carry you upon my Omnipotent shoulders

To change my tender lambs into a Soldiers of the Cross

Into  gentle, mighty redemptive warriors

Whose passion is to pursue and follow me no matter what the cost

Whose thoughts, feelings, words, actions and life is filled with






And Salvations



Never ending,


Glory filled,


Transforming, free eternal Gift of Grace!!!”