Psalms 71:16

I will go in the strength of the Lord God, I will make mention of thy righteousness, even of thine only.


When the prayer of the tattered heart is

“Father I need thee more then ever just to make it through another day.”

It is then the light and life producing promises of the living word

Becomes the living bread our souls, minds, and hearts must live upon

To be victoriously triumphant every moment of each and every day.


And whether we find ourselves

In the midst of the storm,

In the midst of a battle,

In the midst of a beautiful spring filled May

May the roots of our being be grounded

Deeply into the source of heaven and earth,

Christ Jesus,

The source of all light and love

Who lifts us up

Puts our weakened, timid feet of clay upon the unshakeable rock,

Replaces our earthly focus into a heavenly gaze,

Gives us a new and merciful start with the rise of the glistening sun,

Gives us a mind of redemptive grace,

Clothes us with the armor of our mighty warrior God,

Renames the battle weary, fainting little lamb

Into the triumphant soldier of the cross

And replaces our tottering weakness

And humble cries of the heart

With the never ending sufficiency of Jesus Christ,

Who daily loads us with benefits

Who gives His lion like lambs

The courage,



And endurance

To triumphantly,victoriously, and redemptively make it through!