Psalms 94:1 (NLT)

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.


When blackness, evil, wickedness, anger, strife

Are draped unwanted upon the hearts of those who love God.

It is in a time such as this that the roots of our being must be planted





Assuredly in the Words of our Savior

And in the throne room of our loving, gracious, welcoming God.


When one more step cannot be taken

Because of antagonism, strife, bitterness, and derision

It is at such a time like this that he will cradle

His child under the shadow of His wings

And  we find under his bejeweled royal feathers

The never ending divinely given royal  refreshing springs of







And grace.


For He is our tender vine.

For is our never ending source.

For He our light in the blackest of nights.

For He is the friend of all friends.

For He is our fortress and defender.

For He is full of incomprable splendor.

For He is the trustworthy shepherd

Of every hurt,

Of every burden,

Of every loss,

Of every triumph,

Of every tear,

Of every failure,

Of  every circumstance,

Of every care.


Hold fast solider of the cross,

Endure hardness

For deliverance is often times not circumstantial

But in the divinely allowed volcanic widening

Of the hearts focus on the person of Christ.

It is in this divinely allowed eruptive widening and strengthening

Of the hearts focus on Christ

That there is the glorious production of the Holy fires

Of compassion, mercy, love, and grace.


For when Christ becomes our circumstances

The heart of faith becomes a light producing diamond



Faceted by triumphs, blessings, and difficulties

Free from earthly entanglements

Free to shine

Free to serve, love, and care

With truthful, tender, merciful triumphant

Christ like declaratory, redemptive, grace filled boldness.


For we are all sinners at the foot of the cross

And where would we all be without our Shepherding Saviors

Sweet, tender, unconditional

Mercy, love, compassion and never ending grace!