Luke 10:33

But a certain Samaritan as he journeyed, came where he was and when he saw him, he had compassion on him.


Do we shoot our own?

Do we deepen wounds?

Do we unknowingly overload souls with sighs, tears, and groans?

Do we alienate those in need with a list of legalities?

Are we so busy that we that we fail to see a soul’s internal wound or guarded places?

Do we respond with a harsh jagged judgement or sterile apathy?

Do we lavishly pour the balm of Gilead on the tender places?

Do we show the wounded

The lavish love of Christ?,



Compassionate confidentiality?

Do we let them truly know that

When they are forgiven, made new

That God remembers their sin no more?

Do we like the good Samaritan stop all

To give the wounded a gentle place of grace to fall

To hear, see, and feel the love of God working in us and through us

So that they can heal from the Christ given, cross given redemptive, restorative graces?

Good Samaritan or one who passes by?

One response is truly Christlike, redemptive, healing, Davidic.

The other response shows a need of a much deeper

Redemptive work of irresistible Christ like grace.