Psalms 68:19

Blessed be the Lord who daily loath us with benefits even the Lord of our Salvation.


Since we are given the benefit of forgiveness,

Should we not forgive?

Since we are given the benefit of love,

Should we not love?

Since we are heaven’s royal heir,

Should we not share salvation’s plan?

Since we have been restored,

Should we not be restorative in relationships?

Since we are valued,

Should we not value everyone the same?

Since every prayerful request is answered and heard,

Should we not listen to other’s pain with such great care?

Since we belong to the household of faith,

Should not our homes be God’s church?

Since we belong to the Great I am,

Should we not be who He is?

Since His word and person is our delight,

Should not our character be like His?

For our Savior daily loads us

Over and over with benfits

So that we can live as Heaven’s royal heirs

Representing the magnificence of our Savior”s